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Universities and education facilities

Campuses always provide a unique challenge with regards to parking, as not only do they tend to occupy multiple car parks on a sprawling footprint, but they also need to cater for the different needs of students, staff and visitors.


Smart Parking can help manage car park usage and monitor trends such as peak hours and driver behaviour.

On-campus car park management

On-campus car park management

We have experience in providing a car park solutions to universities and education facilities, and understand the inherent requirements and potential pitfalls unique to these kind of sites.


Managing staff, student and visitor parking areas can be a challenge. Smart Parking's system features a range of different sensing options, which meet the requirements and functionality of each individual car park.


The sensors send individual bay status data to our SmartCloud platform which in turn feeds the information back to the site to be displayed as a live feed on digital LED guidance signage.

Manage your site from one dashboard

The SmartCloud platform can integrate with current systems and platforms to provide all campus management information on one platform. Our SmartSpots are the conduit between the sensors and SmartCloud, and can also be programmed to gather information for almost any other sensor on site, meaning we can dovetail services such as public WiFi, air quality, surveillance and more.



We also have an app that can be customised to your site which includes bay availability, parking conditions and tariffs, directions and more.