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Shopping centres & retail

Smart Parking inherently understands that parking is often the start and end of the customer’s shopping experience.


In the competitive world of retail, parking is an essential service to get right as a positive parking experience can draw in more customers, and have a huge impact on footfall and store takings.



Creating a positive customer experience

Creating a positive customer experience

In today’s fast-paced world, a common frustration is for people to arrive to do their shopping and be faced with a traffic jam in the car park.


Starting the customer experience in this way impacts negatively on how people perceive the retail outlet, and may very well be a reason they go to another location next time.


Smart Parking’s system is designed to be scalable and can be tailored to any site. As such, this means we start with a traffic management plan, and devise the best way to direct traffic flow to suitable bays.


The system is also flexible enough to cater for busy visitor periods such as school holidays or seasonal holiday shoppers, meaning retail facilities can offer a hassle-free parking experience.


Returning customers, greater revenues

If people haven’t needed to think about their parking experience, then we consider our job well done. We believe customers should assume that they will find a suitable place to park their car and be on their shopping journey without hassle. Our entire system is designed to make this a reality, leaving customers more time to shop and enjoy the facilities.

Discover our SmartPark system

Our range of vehicle detection sensors are designed to suit any environment. We have robust in-ground and surface mount sensors, as well as overhead sensors that also act as bay availability beacons through the use of coloured LED lights. As well, the lights can be set to defined colours such as purple for special needs spaces.


The parking events captured by these sensors are fed into our SmartCloud platform via a network of connected SmartSpot gateways. The dashboard allows operators to view real time site activity as well as generating reports and identifying trends. It can integrate to the systems you’re currently using, and also allows third party devices such as public WiFi, lighting management and displays to dovetail into the one dashboard.


LED directional signage, which we strategically place around the car park, receives real-time data from SmartCloud, and as such displays live numbers of available bays in certain sections of the car park, with helpful directional arrows. 

Managed Parking Services in the UK

The implementation of a well-run car park results in increased compliance and fewer instances of unauthorised parking – meaning that valuable parking space is maximised for genuine visitors.

Smart Parking provide our car park management service in hundreds of sites across the UK. We recognise that every site has unique requirements. We conduct a thorough up-front analysis with the customer in which we get to the bottom of the parking issues that exist on a site, and we follow this with a site survey to obtain deeper technical insight.

This collaborative approach allows us to recommend the best method of management and installation of the hardware best suited to that site.