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Hospitals and medical centres

Hospitals and medical centres need to provide a range of parking options, and without proper car park management, parking spaces can be severely underutilised.


Smart Parking has experience in delivering working solutions to hospitals and medical centres that cater to the different needs of patients, staff and visitors.

Managing a car park the smart way

Managing a car park the smart way

Smart Parking has experience in providing a customised and easy-to-manage car park solutions to a range of different hospitals and medical centres.


A common problem at larger sites is severe underutilisation of certain car parks and overcrowding in other areas. Staff requirements have to cater for the different schedules and shifts of doctors, nurses, surgeons and other hospital staff. Order can also be brought to visitor parking, which comes with its own unique set of requirements.


Smart Parking can deliver a working solution where the configuration of a car park can be made flexible and thus accommodate parking requirements for shift workers, rostered staff and staff with regular hours.


As well as bringing order to staff car parks, we can configure visitor parking to cater for a range of requirements including limited mobility needs, emergency parking, longer term parking and visitor hours influx, taking the stress out of finding and paying for parking. 


For smaller medical centres in the UK we can also offer our camera-based ANPR system, and take the headache of managing a car park off your hands entirely. 


Delivering the power of information

Thanks to our system being made up of components that all work in with each other, we can provide a single solution to a large site with different requirements in different areas.


We offer a range of vehicle detection sensors that are connected to a system that includes LED directional signage and overhead indicators to inform motorists about available parking spaces, all managed through our SmartCloud dashboard.


Once installed, operators can manage the parking needs of their site using the visibility that the SmartCloud dashboard provides. This not only shows live parking events, but gives parking management detailed site information and visibility of parking spaces, meaning each individual bay usage can be regulated. 


As well, targeted reports can be generated so a clear view of parking trends and utilisation can be produced, and informed management decisions can be made.



Managed Parking Services in the UK

The implementation of a well-run car park results in increased compliance and fewer instances of unauthorised parking – meaning that valuable parking space is maximised for genuine visitors.

Smart Parking provide our car park management service in hundreds of sites across the UK. We recognise that every site has unique requirements. We conduct a thorough up-front analysis with the customer in which we get to the bottom of the parking issues that exist on a site, and we follow this with a site survey to obtain deeper technical insight.

This collaborative approach allows us to recommend the best method of management and installation of the hardware best suited to that site.