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Digital guidance signage

Smart Parking can provide all sorts of digital guidance for both on-street and off-street car park environments.


Our variable message signs display real-time space availability and direction to available bays, meaning traffic flow and space is optimised within a car park.


The live status of each bay is transmitted from the sensor to the SmartCloud platform, which in turn updates the variable message signs using digital network communications. This informs drivers of the number, type and location of available spaces, along with direction indicators to keep traffic flowing.

Choosing a sign for your car park

Choosing a sign for your car park

Variable message signage is the ideal way to advertise car park capacity, tariffs and other information at the entrance to your car park, as well as providing bay availability and directions along rows and across levels once inside the car park.


Smart Parking has a wealth of experience in the ideal placement of signs throughout a car park to ensure clear visibility for motorists. As there is no standard size for signs, meaning they can be constructed to any size and for any instalment. This can include, but is not limited to, double or single-sided plinth signage, double or single-sided ceiling mount signs and wall mounted signage.


Exterior plinth signs

These signs are mounted either to the ground or to a wall, and are typically used at the entrances to multi-level car parks, or at the end of aisles in outdoor car parks.


Overhead LED signs

These signs are for internal way finding in multi-level car parks, and are mounted on the ceiling.


On-street signs

These are typically single-sided with a plan backing, mounted on two poles.

Construction and specifications

Like the size of the sign, all digital displays can be customised in both the casing construction and appearance, and the colour, brightness and configuration of the LED lighting can be customised to site and customer requirements.


The robust casing can be constructed in aluminium or stainless steel, and - depending on your branding requirements - can be powder coated with vinyl overlay for logos and branding or fully vinyl wrapped for a high-impact result.


There is also a range of options when it comes to the LED lighting used in the panels, and choice is usually dictated by how bright the LEDs need to be. As well, backlighting can be provided through a lightbox inside the sign, resulting in a brighter, more vibrant finish that will help your signage stand out during the day and night.

Enhance your car park guidance system

Fitting your off-street car park with overhead indicator sensors will allow motorists navigating your site to move efficiently through the car park to find an available bay to park in.



The Smart Parking overhead indicator system is a simple, cost-efficient and highly effective off-street parking management system. 


This system transforms the multi-storey parking experience for drivers by providing high-visibility, colour coded LED overhead guidance indicators that are dynamically controlled by your SmartPark business rules, allowing users to see the availability of entire rows of parking bays at a glance.


Each and every bay relays live status to SmartCloud, which in turn is able to channel this information into the guidance and capacity signs as well as reporting provide and analytics of the entire car park.