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Vehicle detection sensors

Smart Parking has designed and developed a range of in-ground, surface-mount and overhead indicator vehicle detection sensors.


These can be installed in any configuration, meaning we can cater to almost any site terrain and requirements, from on-street parking to multi-level car parks – or a mixture of both. The technology they employ allows us to accurately capture a vehicle's arrival and departure times, relaying this information to SmartCloud via our SmartSpot gateways. 


In-ground sensors

In-ground sensors

Smart Parking’s unassuming yet highly innovative in-ground sensors monitor individual parking spaces and relay occupancy status to our SmartSpot gateways, which in turn send this live status information to the SmartCloud platform, allowing real-time parking information to be viewed on multiple devices. 


We ensure that each sensor meets our rigorous functional requirements before installation, meaning they can operate under a wide range of operational environments with high accuracy, and we can tailor sensor behaviour to individual parking space requirements.


All of Smart Parking’s systems are based around a modular approach so we’re able to offer bay monitoring, car counting systems, fixed and mobile automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), guidance signage and more to a wide range of large-scale sites.


Surface mount sensors


Smart Parking also offers the option of surface-mount sensors for exposed sites – such as thin surfaces covering cabling and services, membranes, roof tops and wharfs – where core drilling into the ground may not be an option. These sensors work exactly like their in-ground counterparts, and can also be fitted with a fluro collar for better visibility in areas where there is higher foot traffic.

Overhead indicator sensors

The Smart Parking overhead indicator system is a simple, cost-efficient and highly effective off-street parking management system. 


This system transforms the multi-storey parking experience for drivers by providing high-visibility, colour coded LED overhead guidance indicators that are dynamically controlled by your SmartPark business rules, allowing users to see the availability of entire rows of parking bays at a glance.


Each and every bay relays live status to SmartCloud, which in turn is able to channel this information into guidance and capacity signs as well as reporting and analytics of the entire car park.