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Service packs

We put the power of information into your hands using our back-end interface we call SmartCloudAPI, which we deliver as a fully hosted service pack.


SmartCloudAPI opens up a world of possibilities for viewing and reporting real-time information on your site. By integrating our platform with your assets we can provide a simple dashboard for you to manage your site.

Unlocking the power of data

Unlocking the power of data

Smart Parking's in-house research and development team are constantly developing new offerings to integrate into SmartPark, and due to the open nature of our platform we can also allow outside developers to integrate with our system.


Smart Parking’s SmartCloudAPI opens up a world of possibilities by fully integrating our SmartCloud platform with your assets, providing access to real-time information and events happening on your site.


It is also a powerful open foundation for the future, offering a range of integration mechanics for partners. These include independent software vendors, mobile app developers and new classes of highly linked service applications, as well as dynamic, information driven websites and general data integration requirements.


As well as allowing secure remote device and firmware management, SmartCloudAPI allows users to efficiently deploy widespread updates to their entire network of devices.

“SmartCloud Service Packs deliver packages of services which can be used exclusively or combined together to enable many diverse, powerful, yet tightly focussed solutions. SmartCloud Service Packs introduce the first truly unique breakaway from current legacy and closed single purpose solutions, with an open and flexible smart city capabilities. For example, a combination of separate SmartCloud Service Packs which operate sensor based smart parking in conjunction with public WiFi; in conjunction with smart street information displays; in conjunction with smart street lighting – all together as a unified smart city environment.”

John Heard

Chief Financial Officer
Smart Parking Technology

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