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Pay & Walk

We install Pay & Walk machines designed to complement the ANPR camera car park management solution.


These machines are simple to install and provide a low cost, user-friendly experience that is seamlessly connected to the ANPR linked automated payment system.

How Pay & Walk works

How Pay & Walk works

We provide best-in-class Pay & Walk (or Pay & Display) machines, and they work in conjunction with the ANPR camera system to provide a service where motorists parking at your site use them to either pay for their parking or validate their vehicle's presence in the car park.


Each machine has a vandal-resistant casing and is robust enough to withstand rugged outdoor environments, yet simple and familiar enough that users can easily navigate the system and, using the alpha numeric keypad, provide their details.


Each machine is can also be customised to client requirements, for example payment options can include coin, banknote reader, chip & pin, contactless, smart cards and voucher scanning. There are also additional options for the power supply, screens, keypads and printer. Before any install we do a thorough site evaluation and work in conjunction with the car park owner to come up with the best option for their site.


Features & benefits:

  • ANPR linked automated payment system
  • Low cost, simple to install traditional system
  • No supply, installation or maintenance costs
  • Provision of consumables
  • Secure cash collections
  • Signage designed, supplied, installed and maintained
  • Comprehensive reporting and account management inclusive