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The SmartPark system

The SmartPark system

Smart Parking’s SmartPark system is a complete, end-to-end solution that pairs a network of sensors, feature displays and live gateways with a powerful and intuitive web-based platform.

Infinitely scalable, the beauty of our system lies in the user-friendly dashboard which enables customers to manage and analyse events and information, as well as allowing users to identify trends and interpret data.

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“Transport for London and Smart Parking have had a very good working relationship over the last few years. Smart Parking have undertaken a large number of installations across the Transport for London car park portfolio. This has been carried out both efficiently and effectively, enabling Transport for London to be able to provide an enhanced parking experience to our customers. The service provided by Smart Parking has been very high, has been delivered with a proactive attitude and performed exceedingly well against contractual obligations and deliverables.” 

Steve Lewis

Senior Category Manager
Transport for London